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Christmas Countodown

The Countdown Starts December 1st!

December can be a tricky month to stay motivated to exercise. It's a busy time with presents to buy, food to organize, relatives to tolerate, parties to go to...


And even if you are full of enthusiasm and good intention, it is all too easy to get home after a long, stressful day and for your evening not to go quite as planned.


You make yourself a warm drink, sit down on your cozy sofa and snuggle in front of the fire. You turn on Netflix to watch the end of that Netflix episode you started yesterday. Just five minutes.


But it's dark and cold outside and you're tired. You know you need to go upstairs and get changed for the gym, but you don't quite get round to moving. Just five more minutes.


Then, when a bit more time passes, you convince yourself that you would probably be late now and, anyway, there's always tomorrow. Heck, it's December, there's always New Year!!

Oh, the weather outside is frightening and your sofa's so inviting...


But many people who abandon exercise during the holiday season never regain the fitness ground they've lost. In addition to potentially putting on some extra pounds, being sedentary makes you feel sluggish, grouchy, and guilty – which is far from joyful and festive!


So at {{}}, we wanted to find a fun way to keep you moving. We've created a challenge to help you to stay active over the festive period - even on those dark, cold, hectic days!


Not only will you reduce your chances of gaining those unwanted extra pounds, but you will also feel more energized and less stressed. There's also the added bonus that you won't have to start all over again with your fitness in January!

Santa's Little Helpers

Christmas Countdown

Starting on December 1, our fun-filled, easy-to-follow Christmas Countdown will give a short fitness challenge to do each day. You don't need any special equipment and most of the tasks are designed to be completed in under ten minutes. Plus, we have included options for all of the exercises so it is accessible to everyone, whatever their level of fitness!

Keep active this holiday season with our fun and quick 'stay active' challenges delivered daily through our app.

Daily Challenges

Festive Protein Shake Recipe Guide

Protein shakes can be a quick and easy way to start your day. Get festive this holiday with our recipe ideas.

Food Pusher 
Survival Guide


Do you have relatives who push food onto you? Use our guide for advice on how to handle those situations.

Maintain Not 
Gain Guide

In our Maintain Not Gain Guide, get tips on how to enjoy the holidays without abandoning your goals.


Surround yourself with supportive, like-minded people who also want to be healthy during holidays.

We will provide you with all the support and accountability you need to stay on track throughout the festive period.


Introducing Our

Over $150 Value for Just: 


That's Less Than $1 per day!

The Christmas Countdown really helped me to stay on track during the holidays! I loved the daily challenges and actually grew to looking forward to them (who knew?). I was able to enjoy the holidays but stay conscious with my food choices by using the recipes and guide book so that I didn't gain the 5lbs I always seem to gain this time of year. - Kathy B

Customer Testimonial

Don't feel like a Christmas pudding this December!

Join our Christmas Countdown Challenge and finish the year strong!

Space Is Limited...Don't Miss Out!

Christmas Countdown

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