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11 Tips to Help Manage Chronic Back Pain

Dealing with back pain has been difficult for years, especially when the pain is chronic. While people have tried all sorts of techniques to cope with this challenging condition, a high percentage of sufferers give up on attempting treatment.

This is particularly the case for those whose symptoms have lasted more than three months.

Chronic pain comes and goes and when you think that you're good to go on with your healthy life, it strikes again!

Some believe to the only way to permanently solve this issue is surgery but how true is this claim?

Read on to find other alternatives to manage chronic back pain!

Here are 11 Tips To Help Manage Chronic Back Pain

Focus On Breathing Or Meditation

You need to relax. Meditation and deep breathing are excellent techniques that will help you achieve proper relaxation. They help reduce tension and muscle tightness, thus easing back pain.

Try To Reduce Stress

Keep off negative feelings such as stress, anger, anxiety, and depression to decrease your body's sensitivity to back pain. Learning to manage stress will put you on the right path to find some relief from chronic back pain. Some of the proven methods of reducing stress are:

· Listening to music*;

· Remembering and visualizing your good days;

· Looking at a scenery;

· Focusing on muscle relaxation.

*Note: Soothing music gives you a mental imagery relaxation that will make you feel calm and peaceful.

Body Exercise Works As A Natural Endorphin

Exercise helps boost your mood while blocking back pain signals. They strengthen back muscles, prevent re-injury and further back pains.

Don’t forget exercise serves other crucial purposes other than weight loss!

Here are some other activities known to act as natural endorphins:

· Acupuncture;

· Meditation;

· Aromatherapy;

· Sex;

· Food and drink;

· Laughter;

· Emotions.

One of these or even a combination of them might be just what you need to get rid of your back pain.

Reduce Alcohol Intake

Chronic back pain has serious effects on sleep and general wellbeing. If you're seeking comfort in alcohol it will only make the situation worse. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, reducing alcohol intake or avoiding it altogether will serve you best in improving your quality of your life.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has no health benefits and can deteriorate the good health that you’ve tried so hard to safeguard. Research has shown that smoking worsens painful circulation issues and increases the risk of cancer and heart diseases.

Join A Support Group For People Living With Chronic Back Pain

Thousands of people suffer from chronic back pain but experiencing this condition alone can be tormenting. Talking to people with first-hand experience of how it feels to have chronic back pain can be very beneficial. By joining a local support group, you will socialize with others whilst gaining wisdom on how to deal with the condition. These groups are often led by mental health professionals who will educate you on how to eliminate negative thoughts which could make the pain even worse.

Keep Track Of Your Pain

Your doctor cannot treat you effectively without knowing the progress of your pain. They need to see how you've progressed between visits. To enhance your treatment, keep a journal or log of your daily "back pain score." Draw a scale of 1-10 and mark the level of your pain every evening. Carry this journal to the clinic every time you visit.

Massage Is Great For Chronic Back Pain Relief

People dealing with all sorts of chronic pain such as neck pain and back pain often turn to massage therapists to relieve tension and reduce stress. Give this a go and see if it works for you!

Don't Focus On Pain - Concentrate On What Gives You Joy

Focusing on back pains often deteriorates the condition instead of making it better. Engage in activities that keep you busy instead of thinking about your pain. Although this doesn't directly avoid discomfort, it helps you take control of your life.

Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

A healthy diet is crucial in improving not only chronic back pain but it also helps control blood sugar levels, managing your digestive health, reducing weight, and lowering risks of heart disease. Try adding these items to your diet to help manage your chronic back pain:

· Low-sodium foods;

· Low-fat foods such as fresh fruits and veggies;

· Cooked dried peas and beans;

· Low-fat cheese;

· Yogurt;

· Milk;

· Whole-grain cereals;

· Bone broth.

Biofeedback Therapy Reduces Back Pains

Biofeedback therapy may help you control body functions to decrease migraine and tension back pain. This may sound overcomplicated, but it's actually quite easy to learn, apply it to your routine and make it work.

Bottom Line

Are you struggling with chronic back pain? These tips have worked on many people and are supported by research so you don’t need definitive or long-term procedures to make life enjoyable again!

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