Are you one who uses a calorie tracker?

Are you one who uses a calorie tracker?

If so great but if you aren't weighing and measuring your food then odds are you are under estimating how much you eat.

Most studies put the number around 30% as in people eat 30% more than they actually input into their food tracker.

For example lets take french fries. The serving size on the package says 3oz. Which comes to 130 calories.

Most people would dutifully put 1 serving down in their tracker and the 130 calories.

Well as you can see 3oz came to 8 french fries.

And i can guaran-damn-tee ya most people aren't eating just 8 french fries.

So if you're tracking your calories and can't understand why its not helping you lose weight it's prolly because you are vastly underestimating how much you are actually eating!

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