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Cracking The Fitness Code

Many people are on the look for the best way to reach their desired levels of fitness.

However, most of those people go on the internet to find the solution and often get lost in the endless sea of contradicting information.

And while the internet is full of trends, the main principles of fitness will always be the same.

1. Leading an active lifestyle 🤾

Are you sitting on your butt for 50% of your wake time? If that is so, this may be the reason why you‘re feeling constantly exhausted. The body and its amazing musculature were made to be ACTIVE all day long. Make use of this.

2. Training well 🏋️🚴

As we already mentioned, the modern-day lifestyle is likely to deprive you of movement. If we didn‘t live in big cities but in nature, we‘d be running, sprinting, climbing, crawling, and hiking ALL THE TIME!

By nature, human fitness is a function of survival, but nowadays, everything is so accessible that you don‘t really need it for that purpose. Nevertheless, such a movement has a vast variety of benefits, which is why it is recommended to include different types of training in your weekly routine.

3. Recovering well 😴 Besides being active and consuming good food, you have to recover well. There are 2 main components of recovery - Nutrition & sleep.

A balanced amount of protein, fats, and carbs will ensure that you have the energy for any and all daily physical and mental activities, but also, sufficient nutrients for recovery.

On the other hand, getting sufficient sleep is essential for deep recovery & integration of all sensory information you got throughout the day.

4. Self-awareness 🙋 We humans often repeat the same pattern over and over again, leading a lifestyle that is 95% the same every single day. In that lifestyle, there may be many things we unconsciously do, that affect the levels of fitness and well-being.

Become self-aware and ask yourself questions such as:

❔ How is this thing that I‘m doing benefitting me?

❔ Is this food nurturing my body?

❔ How will staying awake affect me, though my body desperately begs for sleep?

In doing all of the above, you are pretty much set to crack the fitness code.

Work on yourself and choose to be your best self!

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