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Easy Ways to Lower Your Daily Caloric Intake

One of the things that usually surprises those who sign up for our Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Weight Loss Program (H.E.L.P) is how easy it is to do.

We designed it specifically to take all the stress out of eating and make it much easier to lose weight.

One of the things we teach people is how to lower the amount of calories they eat each day by making some simply changes in their daily food routine.

When it comes to maintaining a low-calorie diet, you might find it frustrating to avoid all your beloved foods in order to lose weight.

However, you shouldn’t worry as all you have to do is to just swap some of your preferred foods with healthier options!

You can literally have your cake and eat it too by making some simple changes…

No more sacrificing your cravings!

Hop on with us to explore a healthy, nutritious, and wholesome food diet.

Add these changes to your life and watch your extra pounds run away from you!

● Prefer using Skinless Chicken Breast instead of chicken with skin; There’s about 30 grams of fat in each hundred grams of chicken skin! If you’re like us and have chicken (or any poultry often) that can add up to hundreds if not thousands of calories saved each year!

● Use Mustard sauce in place of other sauces like mayonnaise, ketchup, barbeque sauce,

etc. We usually have 2-3 different types of mustard available in our fridge from the basic yellow to Dijon. We love to use it in place of other sauces and honestly to us it tastes better than all other sauces combined;

● Choose plain or vanilla fat-free Greek yogurt over flavored and processed yogurts; While there’s nothing wrong with full fat yogurt when you’re trying to lose weight it’s all about calories in vs calories out. you can save quite a few calories over the long haul by opting for fat free. While the difference per serving isn’t that much (10-15 calories for most) if you have 1 per day as we do that adds up to almost a pound of fat less over the course of the year. And don’t buy the ones that have fruit already in them. Buy fresh fruit and add it in yourself. It takes seconds and is much better for you!

● This is a trick we often do which is to Eat Open burgers. Cutting off even one slice of bread from your burger will not affect the taste but will definitely reduce calories (60-120) from your meal;

● Cook with Olive oil instead of other high-calorie oils; While oil is oil calories wise olive oil is generally considered better for your health and well being. Better yet…

● Use Pan Spray in place of oils; A typical spray of Pam is 3-10 calories verses 100 calories per tablespoon of regular oil. The truth is most people use more than a tablespoon so the calories savings can be huge and it still does the job perfectly;

● Cook Whole Wheat Pasta instead of white pasta. They are relatively high in fiber and contain more vitamins E and B;

● And to cover that pasta opt for a Red Sauce Pasta with peppers and tomatoes instead of white alfredo sauce; A cup of a typical red sauces will be between 150-200 calories while a cup of alfredo… 950-1000 calories a HUGE difference.

● Replace white sugar with light Brown Sugar or Cinnamon Powder. While the calories in brown sugar vs white aren’t all that different the amount most people use tends to be much less when using brown. Better yet replace some or all of the sugar with cinnamon It tastes delicious and smells tempting at the same time;

*We assure you that you will fall in love with the scent of cinnamon powder sprinkled all over your food.

Bake or broil things instead of frying them. As mentioned earlier a tablespoon of most oils is about 100 calories and most people use much more than a tablespoon when cooking. Baking or broiling eliminates the amount of extra oil and helps keep your calories in control.

We know it's hard to make healthier eating choices when you're out with friends.

Here are some nutritious food swaps that will not let you down in front of anyone and still taste luscious.

● In restaurants, look for Thin Crust Pizza, it's tastier and healthier;

● Opt for Fruit infused Seltzer instead of carbonated drinks; I often ask for plain seltzer with a lemon or lime wedge. Not only does it save a ton of calories it helps you avoid dealing with those who want to force alcohol on you because they assume you’re drinking alcohol

Skip the sugar in your daily cappuccino or latte; Ask the barista to sprink some cinnamon (see above) if you must add something.

● Grab Plain Popcorn or Dried Edamame instead of other crisp snacks from grocery stores; Not only will you save calories you’ll get a nice dose of fiber in the popcorn and protein in the edamame.

● Pick Fat-free Non-dairy Milk like cashew or almond milk in your coffee. Again these can add flavor and usually are a fraction of the calories of the heavy cream or half and half that most people use in their coffee.

These are simple swaps that will effectively cut extra calories from your diet.

While many of these changes may seem to only lower calories a bit when you do it over and over it adds up quickly to a tremendous difference. And it can surely satisfy you and lead you towards your fitness goals without relinquishing your hunger.

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