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Focus on this for a better body

One of the things we focus on with the people we work with is changing their mindset. And one of the biggest things we try to get people to change is their focus on the scale.

Put another way we teach people to focus not on WEIGHT loss but on FAT loss.

Frankly if we're being honest we could do a lot better on that though it's an uphill battle.

Spend 5 minutes on social media or the internet and you'll quickly realize that our society is obsessed with defining how healthy or attractive a person is soley by whatever number they happen to think the scale should be to define someone as "fit" or "healthy"

Worse the medical community too tends to focus on that scale number. Think about it when was the last time you went to the doctor and they measured your bodyfat? I'm betting never for 99.99% of you.

Yet they'll have you jump on the scale pretty much every time.

The fact is you could weight 125lbs and not be fit or healthy. And you could weigh 250lbs and have 6 pack abs and be able to run marathons.

While sure we'd agree that weight can be a factor in determining health it is not the ONLY factor as so many believe. Nor in our opinion is it even a significant factor.

The difference between being fit and healthy or not isn't so much a person's weight as it is their body mass specifically the ratio between body fat and muscle mass. Someone who has a higher ration of muscle to fat will generally be healthier, leaner, more toned and yes look better overall.

So if you are someone who is obsessed with the scale, who weighs themselves daily and lives and dies by the number take a step back. Focus instead on losing FAT not weight.

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