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Healthier Options For Your Sweet Tooth

One of the things people think when they want to get in shape or lose weight is that they have to give up sweets… like ALL sweets. 🙀

And yes we Americans do eat way to much sugar but the solution isn’t to go to the opposite extreme and cut out all sugar.

We get it…Having a sweet tooth while holding a diet plan in hand is the biggest nightmare that we can imagine! This is especially true as we head into the holiday season. Getting timeless sweet cravings brings nothing but guilt after cheating on your diet.

We understand that giving up your most beloved sweets is not an easy task nor is it even necessary. It’s about making modifications and moderation.

For that reason, we're here to help you! You don't have to say good-bye to your favorite desserts but instead, just modify them a little to get maximum health benefits.

Here are some of our favorite “sweets” that allow us to satisfy our cravings, yet still focus on having healthy foods. In other words they’re a WIN-WIN!

Chocolate-dipped strawberriesNot just for Valentines Day these are great year round. Just

dip fresh strawberries in melted dark chocolate and voila! They're ready to eat.

Yogurt parfait - You can add mixed fruits and juicy berries with yogurt as well as other toppings like granola and nuts to double the taste.

Smoothies - Just mix your favorite fruits with ice and yogurt. Your fresh and flavored smoothie is ready!

Low-fat Peanut butter and jelly sandwich Not just for kids! Peanut butter is the healthiest, as well as the tastiest spread you can eat with bread. By adding other jelly or berries will enhance its richness and fullness. Look for pure fruit jams that have no added sugar

Stuffed Baked apples - In the fall is there any smell better than stuffed apples baking in the oven? This deliciously sweet snack is very filling and will satisfy your cravings immediately. Stuff apples with ingredients you love, like nuts, oats, dark chocolate or low-fat peanut butter, put them in the oven, bake for a couple of minutes, and they are ready to eat.

One-ingredient banana ice cream - Homemade one ingredient banana ice cream is super easy and tasty. Just put some bananas into your freezer and make a puree of them.

After that, freeze them again, and they're ready to eat like they were bought straight from an ice cream parlor.

Want to up the game? Add some of that sugar free jam you bought for your PB&J’s or whatever suits your fancy.

Some other healthier options to choose from:

● Almond date truffles;

● Peanut butter and chocolate pretzels;

● Blueberry muffins;

● Chocolate milk ;

● Protein Pancakes;

● Frozen fruit bars

● Protein bars.

You can find recipes for all of these and many other healthier snack options on our Facebook Page. Check it out!

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