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Lessons From the GOAT! (Greatest of all Time)

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

In case you missed it yesterday we saw 2 of the greatest Quarterbacks in the history of the NFL go at it head to head.

Tom Brady who is 43 and Aaron Rogers who is 37 defy the odds when it comes to playing in the NFL having both had long careers and still managing to play at a high level at an age when most football players have long since retired.

Quick note: Did you know the average "career" in the NFL is about 4 years? These 2 have been playing for 22 and 16 years respectively.

While both are great I want to talk about Tom Brady in particular. Now I am neither a fan nor hater of the Mr Brady. (Though I’m a Giants Fan so I get to gloat over the the fact we beat him twice in the Super Bowl, LOL)

But I am an admirer of his. The truth is in his time with New England and even this year in Tampa Bay he's done more with less than any other athlete I’ve seen. Not just football but any sport.

Now to be sure the New England system which seeks to utilize the talents of each and every member of the team to their fullest comes into play and it's clear Tampa is doing the same but it's more than that.... It's a will to succeed that tops everyone else.

And it starts with Tom Brady THE GOAT (Greatest of All Time)


Coming out of college Tom was thought to be a career backup at best. Hence why he was drafted in the 6th round. His scouting report projected him to be an average player who didn’t have the physical attributes to be a star. He was considered frail with a relatively weak arm, who “can’t drive the ball down the field.”

So how did he (in my honest and correct opinion, lol) become the greatest quarterback of all time.

Well again we refer to his scouting report which said among other things he was “smart and alert” and “produced in big spots and big games.” He is a “team leader”

Well I think we can all agree that his determination, intelligence and ability to produce by leading his team were on full display last night and indeed throughout his career. And while he is without a doubt a team player the biggest team he is on is himself.

So what does all this have to do with health and fitness you might be thinking?

Well, let’s look at it from this perspective. Had Tom listened to the doubters who said he

couldn’t and wouldn’t succeed then he wouldn’t be the Hall of Fame Quarterback that he is today. He wouldn't be the GOAT.

Despite lacking the physical abilities of others he’s been able to win 6 Superbowls by having a plan and following it without question.

Most of all he believes in himself and doesn’t let others overcome that belief. In fact he does the opposite which is get motivated by those who doubt him or stand in his way.

Combined with that is he puts in the hard work and dedication that enable him to make the best of his abilities and maximize his results.

And that my friends is how you too can succeed in your fitness journey.

Let’s be honest none of us are going to win 6 Superbowls (or have the chance to win a 7th!) or become the greatest Quarterback of all time. But we can be the best “us” we can be if we follow the lead of Mr. Brady.

Translating that to our world it might mean that while we might not have the ability to look like a supermodel or one of those guys with 6 pack abs you see on the magazine covers, we can be fit and healthy and look pretty darn good in doing so.

But to do that we have to overcome the doubters and focus on the goal we want to achieve.

Perhaps the goal is to lose weight or add muscle.

Or it might be to get off the prescription meds that are draining your bank account every month.

Or it might be that you are sick and tired of being out of breath and exhausted by climbing a flight of stairs.

It doesn’t matter what the goal is, what matters is to stop listening to the doubters (often ourselves) and start believing that we can succeed.

Then its about applying the hardwork and dedication it will take to accomplish the goal.

And finally instead of listening to the doubters who will inevitably try to stop us, we follow Tom’s lead and let them motivate us to keep moving forward.

Instead of saying I Wish (or I Can't) say I WILL.

Do that and no matter if you are overweight, out of shape, unhealthy or whatever you will succeed and indeed make your own miracle happen!

You can win something far more important than a SuperBowl…. You can win your health and a long happy life!

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