The Secret To Building A Nice Body Image

One of the things that we often have to deal with as Coaches & Trainers is people who have body image issues.

It’s actually a lot more common than you think and while it primarily effects women, men can suffer from it as well.

Sadly it often leads to serious health issues mentally, emotionally and physically which is why we refer people who have serious body image issues to professionals who are trained to help help them deal with them.

Let’s be honest, everybody wants to have that excellent body image, the right body size, unique complexion and healthy body weight right?

Having a better body image is seen as a determining factor of one’s self-esteem, self-acceptance, health and confidence. Which is why you will find some people following strict meal plans, hit the gym for hours at a time, and changing their lifestyle to one a monk would envy, all in an effort to look better.

They have this “ideal” in their mind (often what they looked like as a teenage or in college) and think that they need to take drastic measures in order to achieve it.

There are however, other factors that you should take into consideration which will boost your body appearance and mental approach to how it appears.

Some of these factors include engaging in exercises appropriate for you and your current physical condition, accepting that you need to make changes if you want to improve the way you look but, being content with making small changes not drastic once, and staying positive in your quest to build a nice body image.

Here are some tips to help you improve your body image...

Appreciate Yourself

If you want people to love you and appreciate your body image, you must love yourself first. Instead of cursing or hating the way you look, you have to love your body's good things.

Focus on the good: appreciate your muscles that can help you carry heavy loads, appreciate your hands, especially for the work they do while preparing food and appreciate your legs that are able to take you to places.

By focusing on the positive things about your body, you get to love yourself more, maintain your strength and have enough time to deal with your weaknesses.

Do What You Love

Passion is the spark. You cannot force yourself to do things that you are not passionate about.

Be very mindful of your happiness by focusing on what makes you feel good. Whether it is turning up to your favorite concert, going out for a stroll, exercising or assisting others, do it with all your might.

Remember, your happiness is at stake! Do not hold back but, instead, show up for that function looking and feeling confident and ready to hang out with people.

However, avoid hanging around individuals who make you feel negative about yourself; keep your eyes and heart focused on positive energy.

This might help you learn some of the important ways to develop the right body image. Your friends or colleagues can often share with you the strategies they have used and that you can apply to get rid of body dissatisfaction.

Befriend Your Mirror

Avoiding the mirror will not get rid of your body dissatisfaction. You need to look at yourself quite often and endure any uncomfortable thoughts about your body image so take a personal responsibility to change what you do not like.

If you do not want the unnecessary weight you see, find an effective weight loss program. If your hair does not make you happy, get a befitting makeover.

Do Not Compare Yourself With Others

Comparing yourself with others is poison. It might lead to stress, depression and feeling unworthy.

Focus on being you and doing what you love most. Do not give in to criticism. If you see others with a better body image, do not feel intimidated but, instead, be inspired.

Find out how they have managed to maintain a healthy weight, great complexion and confidence. You will get from that person important information that will form the basis of your own body image improvement.

Walk The Talk

As a parent or grandparent, your kids/grandchildren look up to you. You need to be their example or, at the very least, their point of reference.

The way you solve issues and tackle criticism should inspire them. They need to see you appreciate your body, loving the way you look, preventing negative thoughts and staying committed to improving your body image.

The urge to lead the young ones will give you a commitment to enhancing how you look.


Working out not only keeps you fit but also gives you a better body image. Through exercise, you can shed off excess weight, stay positive, appreciate the value of hard work and stay committed to your body goals.

Yoga is one of the forms of exercise that you can adopt. It is peaceful, comfortable and guarantees body health improvements.


Having a poor body image can be depressing. Nevertheless, there is a way out of that destructive feeling! Make use of the tips discussed above to help you improve your body image. They are proven strategies that guarantee positive results in improving one’s body image.