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Why Do Most People Fail To Maintain Weight Loss Long-Term?

Are you tired of spending hours doing cardio or all those challenging core exercises and still unable to see the results?

Are you ready to say screw it and return to your old sedentary lifestyle?

If so you aren’t unusual in fact you’re the norm.

Let’s face it… Weight-loss is a taxing activity and requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

Sure sometimes people have a lot of motivation and can sustain it for a while at least, in the beginning, but it soon wears out.

Next thing you know they’re back to binge-eating and consuming all those high-calorie meals they were abstaining from while dieting and never getting up off the couch.

It’s a pattern most people repeat over and over in their lives and it doesn’t need to be.

It comes down to setting yourself up for success and understanding the root cause of the problem.

Only once the root cause of the problem is known can one try to solve it.

Let’s discuss some of the most common causes for the inability to maintain weight-loss in the longer run and how to solve them:

Setting Unrealistic Targets 🎯

Achieving targets gives us a sense of accomplishment. It drives us to excel further. That’s a good thing.

On the other hand, when a person cannot meet their targets, disappointment often turns into resentment and, eventually, the person decides to quit.

When you set unrealistic and non-achievable weekly or monthly targets (as in the typical I’m going to lose 20 pounds this month), you will get stuck in a rut.

The solution to this problem is maintaining a journal of weight loss, doing extensive research to opt for the ideal weight loss targets and going easy on yourself in case of any delays.

Oh and stop trying to be perfect it’s ok to enjoy a cheat day once a week or fortnightly.

Depression and Stress 😞

Depression and stress are the main reason for relapses and gaining weight in my opinion.

It creates havoc on the body especially your hormones and make things that much more difficult.

Cortisol, also known as the “stress hormone”, is responsible for increased belly fat. When you feel stressed especially if it’s constant stress than your body just keeps dumping cortisol into your bloodstream.

This causes a cycle where the person starts self-loathing and loses all the motivation to train and lose further weight.

Which in turn leads to yep you guessed I more stress eating and consuming high-calorie foods.

Short-Lived Motivation 😿

A person is usually most motivated when they start losing weight at the beginning of their diet.

They have invested time and money in the gym, they are making dietary changes and are starting to see actual results.

However, after a while, all the ignition and motivation is lost. It’s not an IF it’s going to happen it’s a WHEN!

People want to fall back into old habits of binge-watching Netflix, eat chips and drink soft drinks. It’s part of our human nature

The key is to build a support system to help you stay on track when motivation goes. It’s why 90% of the people hire us as trainers….not to give them great workouts (which we do) but because they need that accountability and support to get them over the humps and to keep moving forward

Losing weight requires a lot of commitment throughout the tenure and having someone by your side makes it exponentially easier.

Looking for Shortcuts 🚀

Losing weight is a lifestyle change and not a one-time activity. People often try to lose weight by taking weight-loss supplements and crash dieting.

Initially, they will even do enormous amounts of strenuous exercises without even taking a day off.

But as soon as they stop these unsustainable activities, they will likely gain back the weight they had lost and often more.

These shortcuts are not sustainable in the long-term. A person must be willing to invest time and energy to make lifelong changes to their lifestyle if they want to lose weight and maintain it.

Difficulty with Prioritization 😤

In today's era, everyone is busy in their daily routines. A person usually gets stuck in the office, socializing, studies and catering to family needs.

More often than not, people have no time left to look after themselves.

Weight-loss exercises require time and consistency.

A person facing difficulty in taking time out for regular physical activities will likely struggle to lose additional weight.

The best solution. Schedule your workouts and then STICK TO THEM.

Me I put them right into my phone and block out that time. And I make it a priority to keep those appointments.

Sure life get’s in the way sometimes but rather than just cancel that appointment I just reschedule it for later in the day or the next day.

Bottom Line

Resistance to weight loss is quite common and discourages a lot of people.

Keep yourself motivated throughout your weight loss journey. Be willing to adapt to this new lifestyle and make it a fun activity instead of making yourself feel suffocated.

Learn new weight loss techniques and give yourself a breather regularly.

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