You Say You Made a Resolution? Try A Different Approach This Time

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

The first Monday of the New Year… A day when so many people start working on their New Years Resolution to lose weight/get fit etc.

I love this time of year because of all the enthusiasm that people have but I also dread it because I know that in just a few short weeks (and in many cases days) that enthusiasm will disappear.

And when it does so many, in fact most, of those who made that resolution to focus on their health will stop and go right back to the old habits they did that led them to be in the shape that caused them to make a Resolution in the first place.

And in many cases it’s a pattern they’ve repeated year after year after year.

I know some of you are going.. Ugh not another New Year, New You Resolution speech but bear with me for a minute.

You see Laurie & I WANT you to succeed. We don’t want you to give up and walk away from your dreams. We WANT you to be happier, healthier and be able to enjoy life to its fullest.

Which is why we want to share with you’re a different approach, one that those who are serious about losing weight and getting in shape have the most success with.

And now more than ever it’s imperative that we do focus on our health and well-being because of a little thing you might have heard of called Covid-19. There is no denying the fact that along with age underlying health issues especially obesity are the biggest factors when it comes to morbidity if you contract Covid.

Put more bluntly if you’re overweight/out of shape the odds of you having serious complications or god forbid dying form Covid are significantly higher.

I’m not saying that to scare anyone but it is the reality we are all facing. It’s why personally I’m not in the least concerned about contracting the disease because I know I’ve taken care of my body and given it all it needs to be able to fight it off.

Note: That does NOT mean I don’t take the appropriate precautions, it just means that should I catch it the odds of me dying or having serious complications from it are pretty low.

So how do you improve your chances of success on that New Year’s resolution? How do you finally get off the Merry Go Round and get results.

The first step is to NOT do what you’ve probably done in the past.

As in jumping on some new “diet” usually the latest and greatest fad one making its way around the internet and committing to getting to the gym for hours each week.

Be honest with yourself how many times have you made that same commitment and stuck to it for the long term?

As the saying goes those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it so why go back to something that hasn’t worked before…

And it’s something I see so many people do each year because they want to get the weight off fast

Instead try this..

Get serious by changing your approach.

Instead of going “ALL IN” which usually leads to going “All OUT” in a short period of time focus on making small changes, 1 or 2 at a time.

Then keep doing them until become 2nd nature to you. As in you do them without even thinking about it.

Because for long term success consistency is king.

Once you’ve mastered those 1 or 2 add another healthy habit and so on and so on.

That is what works in the long run.

Not the fad diets or killing yourself in the gym, but building healthy sustainable habits and being consistent about doing them.

I won’t lie it will take longer than you might want. But the odds of you sticking to it and not just getting the weight off but keeping it off will skyrocket.

Me I’d start with the ones that are easiest for me to do each day and focus on nailing them down. In fact that’s what I’m doing right now.

The two I’m working on. Drink ½ my bodyweight in ounces of water each day and making sure I eat 20-30 grams of protein with each meal.

That’s it.. that’s all I’m working on.

And the honest truth is for many of you, if you did just those 2 things you’d likely see your weight starting to drop.

There’s no right or wrong with what to choose to work on first. It depends