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Treat or Trick??

Finally, a program that has everything you need to help you gain control of those SCARY sugar cravings without leaving you HAUNTED by feelings of deprivation!

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Starts November s1st

Tales From The Crypt

The story began one dark, stressful day. All you wanted to do was to give yourself a small treat, something to make yourself feel a little better. You only intended to eat a small portion but your cravings took over and, before you knew it, its like you turn into an insatiable sugar-sucking zombie who just couldn't stop.

Candy, chocolate, cake, the end of the evening you've found you've eaten a share-sized bag of Haribo, two chocolate bars, and half a pack of Oreos. Sound familiar??!

Now, you've decided that enough is enough! You want to eat less chocolate, you want to leave the treats alone at work, you want to gain control over your snacking impulses in the lead up to the holidays but...

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You don't want to
feel deprived

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You don't want to fail...again!

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You don't want it to be complicated

You know you want to give up eating so much sugar but you don't want to stop eating nice food either. No one wants to be stuck in a prison of eating limp lettuce and carrot sticks. How do you reduce your sugar intake but still keep the treats you love?

You always start strong in the beginning and it goes really well for the first 72 hours, but how do you maintain that motivation? You have tried eating less sugar in the past, but always end up giving up and reverting to old habits. How do you make it stick this time?

We get it. You are busy and don't need to be trying to juggle a bunch of changes. Work, children, a worldwide is stressful enough! You want something that is simple to follow, something that will fit easily into your lifestyle.

The Nightmare Before  Thanksgiving

Here at {{}}, we have had so many clients who were in the same position. Many felt they were addicted to chocolate and had no willpower when it came to the never-ending supply of cakes at work.


What they didn't know is that their brain and taste buds were against them. The problem with sugar is that the more you eat, the more sugar you want! It desensitizes your taste buds and triggers the rewards centers of your brain.


We knew that if clients could reduce their intake of added sugars for just a couple of weeks, it would help them reduce their sugar cravings long term. So, as many of our clients feel that Halloween candy made them spiral out of control in the run-up to Thanksgiving, we knew exactly the program we needed to run...

Sugar Detox Program

We created our Spooktacular Sugar Detox program to help our clients to reset their taste buds and gain control over their cravings for chocolate, candy and other sweet snacks. Starting on November 1, this program will help you to reduce your intake of added sugar, stabilize your mood and energy levels (so no more mid-afternoon slump!), and improve your sleep! Many clients who have completed the program also lost weight along the way!!

Introducing Our Amazing

A three-week program with easy-to-follow guidelines so you feel confident and in control.

Sugar Detox

Success Guide

All the information you need to take the headache out of meal planning and grocery shopping.

You will get a delicious recipe guide packed with ‘no added sugar’ snacks and dessert ideas.

Delicious Recipes

Daily Motivation

Get daily content to help you set yourself up for success and to overcome your eating challenges.

Online Communityh

Interact with other members, share recipes and ideas, get support and ask questions.


We will provide you with all the support and accountability you need to stay on track throughout!

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"For years I struggled with my fitness and self-esteem.  It seemed like everything I tried to do to improve myself left me feelings stressed out and  frustrated because I didn't see any results. I almost didn't sign up because I was afraid it would just be another failure. It turned out to be the best thing I ever did.  I'm happier, healthier and my self-confidence has grown by leaps and bounds. Trust me when I say it was the best thing I ever did for myself and it will be for you too! " - Nancy F   

  • Easy to follow, three week program to help you control those insatiable zombie cravings for chocolate, cake and cookies

  • Success guides packed with tips and ideas

  • Delicious recipe guide packed with sweet treats

  • Food lists to take the headache out of shopping

  • Coaches to support you and keep you accountable

  • Motivational lessons to keep you on track

  • Online community for additional motivation

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