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Now more than ever,  it's important to focus on staying healthy and we created this program  so that we can all get through this together!

Hi! Laurie & Dan here. 

We're the owners and  coaches at Full Circle Fitness & Transformation Center and we've put together this special program to help people who are stuck at home to improve their fitness and stay on track with their goals. 


We don't need to tell you, we're all in the middle of a HUGE "pattern interrupt" right now.


Most of us are used to a very steady and reliable daily routine.


Now even though things (like gyms) are opening up, our lives have still in many ways been turned completely upside down!


Here's something to think about…As humans, we all like our patterns.

We hate it when these patterns experience drastic change…but here we are.


The result?   Many people out there are going to get thrown completely off track by these changes. 


Nutrition will suffer…

Activity levels will slow to a crawl…

A "do nothing" mindset can creep in…


We've all had to deal with it haven't we? 


Your Coaches

Laurie & Dan Romand



In fact, if there was ever a time to "double down" 
on your health and fitness, NOW is that time!

We get it.  When all the gyms started closing, when we got told to stay home it became very easy for us to get off track and distracted. 


It became easy to let our fitness go,  which is why our goal with this program is to help you get back on track and get things dialed in again. 


We know that even though in most places gyms have reopened that many people haven't returned.   


For some it's worrying if the gyms are safe (they are by the way)...Or maybe it's because you have a compromised immune system and need to take every precaution you can by avoiding crowds... Or perhaps as it is in many cases you're working from home now and having to take care of the kiddo's and don't have the time to drive to the gym each day. 


Whatever the reason it's ok and trust us when we say we get it. 


But we don't want to use that as the reason to let our health and well being slip.  


Which is why we want to help you out and give every possible tool you need to keep your health on the front burner.


When all of this calms down--and it will eventually--don't let the return to normal find you facing an uphill battle, just to get back to where you were before the mayham of the past few months started…


Together we can make the best of these times!


Sound good?


With this in mind, we've designed the Stronger You Program  to give you a solution that you can do from the comfort of your home or office. Heck you can do it anywhere you have an internet connection.  


You don't need to buy a ton of equipment,  or have a ton of space.  


All you need to do is carve out some time and to make a commitment and an investment in your health! We'll take it from there! 😃


Heather who is a self-employed mother of 3 decided this past spring that she wasn’t happy with herself and needed to do something about it.


So she started out by cutting out most (not all she still enjoys her pizza 🍕) of the crap from her diet and then joined our Stronger You Training program in May 2020.  


Since that time she’s been a regular in our morning online training sessions and has gone from barely being able to lift the 10lb dumbbells she had to now using 25lb dumbbells regularly for many of the exercises.


In addition to losing several dress sizes she has more energy, feels less stressed and has grown in confidence more than she ever thought possible.  


She said recently: “I’m getting my tone and strength back and I swear I see differences weekly in the mirror.  It makes me feel so good about myself. Joining the Stronger You program was the best thing I ever did!"


Heather is living proof that of what is possible when you set your mind to it and we couldn't be more proud of her! 



Unlimited Virtual/Online Training led by EXPERIENCED Certified Trainers. 


These aren't your typical online training programs where someone posts a video of them doing a workout and you try and follow along, hoping you can keep up or not get hurt because you aren't doing the exercises correctly. 


Our Coaches actually well... COACH. 

They  work with each person as they do the workout, adapting it to you and your level of ability. 


Can't do a particular exercise or not sure how to do it correctly?  We will work with you to show you how to do it safely & effectively or give you an alternative that is better suited to you. 


Our workout programs are designed to help you build lean muscle tissue, torch fat and improve your overall strength, balance & mobility. You'll also improve your stamina and have more energy than maybe you even thought possible. 


Currently we offer multiple sessions Monday-Friday and we'll be adding even more in the near future! 


Our PROVEN Meal Program Designed by a Registered Dietitian.  This is NOT your typical nutrition program where you have to give up the foods you love.  No starving yourself, no having to spend your hard earned money on "magic pills or drinks".  With this program you'll learn how to eat REAL FOODS in the RIGHT amounts to achieve your goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, have more energy, or simply want to look and feel better this program will help you to achieve your dreams without having to sacrifice the foods you love or having to starve yourself.  Not only that but most people end up SAVING MONEY on their grocery bill! 


Access to our Private Facebook Page where we teach you how to improve your health and well being through daily posting, workshops & More. We celebrate each others successes, help each other through struggles and work together as a tribe to ensure everyone stays on track and achieves their goals. 


Daily Motivation & Accountability Check In's - We know you may be trapped at home, maybe even with little humans to take care of so you might need someone to hold you accountable from eating yourself into oblivion and binging the days and nights away on Hulu, Netflix or Disney. 

Get UNLIMITED Sessions For Only

That's less a cup of coffee per day at your local coffee shop!


No Gimmicks, No Long-Term Contract or Commitment!


Attend As Many Online Sessions As You Wish Each Month!


You Can Stop Anytime You Wish! 

We believe in our programs and know that once you start you'll want to keep going.  


Which is why we don't need to require a long-term contract like your typical gym does. And honestly we don't need to. 

Once people join our online program and see the results they get, not to mention the fun they have they don't want to stop. 


We understand that there is no reason not to do everything we can to keep our relationship strong and give you everything you need to be successful whatever your goals might be. 


And we can do that even if we aren't face-to-face as we've done with dozens of others over the past few months.  


We won't ever stop caring about you and your health!


All you need to do is click on the button below and you'll get everything you need to get started today for just $99.95. 


For that small investment you'll get the unlimited personalized training, guidance, support & accountability you need to succeed! 


I did the math and that works out to about $5.00 a day... for UNLIMITED Sessions!  Crazy right?

That's less than the price of a large or should I say "grande" coffee at your local coffee shop!


 Isn't your health and happiness worth it that? Of course it is! 


So Let do this!


Don't wait another minute…


Don't put it off until next week…


Don't make any excuses…


Let's get things back on track together!

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You Get: 


 ✔️Unlimited Online Virtual Training Sessions Led By Experienced Certified Trainers  

✔️EASY To Follow, Proven Meal Plan To Help You Look & Feel Your best.


✔️Access To Our PRIVATE Facebook Group Where We Give Each Other Support and Cheer On Our Successes And Work Together To Overcome Any Obstacles In Our Way! 


✔️Daily Motivation And Accountability Check-Ins To Help Get On Track & Stay on Track Towards Reaching Your Goals 


✔️UNLIMITED Access To Our Coaches and Trainers Who Will Give You The Support, Guidance & Accountability You Need.